"going to the chapel and we're gonna get married....." !

Now everyone can fall in love with our beautiful balloons.  


In our opinion the most important part of a wedding are our Balloons....oops, sorry obviously the Bride and Groom, followed by our !

Nothing else needed! Of course we're only kidding but who needs food, flowers or a band to dance to when our balloons are so gorgeous?! But that’s just our opinion...and you have probably gathered by now that we are little biased but we're allowed to be!

We have developed a 2D balloon which is so beautifully simple and chic that not only will be the bride's dress be the talk of the day, but our gorgeous balloons will be too.  We can assure you that your wedding will be complete with our balloons.

Saying that, we can still create a beautiful look with latex balloons (which by the way, are making a comeback).  Think outside the box!  You don’t need to have a standard ‘bouquet of 3 or 5’…add lots and lots to create that WOW every wedding should have.  Be fun and pick vibrant sophisticated and chose 2-tone pretty and have lots of soft muted balloons, be bold and chose black and white!

Flowers give out beautiful aromas and are still a firm favourite with brides (and we fully understand why), but balloons have such an impact if created in the right way.  Bunches of them around the room will help tie in room décor and wedding themes.

Fill them with confetti or feathers or little balloons or have them plain. There is never a wrong choice with balloons – they all have their own personality and should all be respected for what they are.

Add lights and this gives a whole new dimension to a balloon.  Let’s get the party started and have our latex-light-walkers; changes day celebrations into a night for partying and celebrating.

Remember our balloons not only give the WOW factor but also bring the fun.