Pompoms & Tassels

Definitely the latest trendsetter-must-have of the moment. We hand make all our own pompoms and tassels, so don’t ever think you are buying 'off the shelf' with us!  Oh no...we tell all our pompoms and tassels that they have been especially chosen and will be going to lovely new homes where they will be admired as much as we do (yes we are a little mad!)

Our pompoms come in lots of lovely gorgeous shades; bold, subtle, spots, swirls or designer – we have so many to choose from.  We also have lots of patterns, so if you’re a dog lover then chose our paw pattern or if you have a wonderful musical talent then our music pompom is a must for you. 

We can supply them ‘flat packed’ or ‘ready fluffed’.

In addition to individual pompoms, then our MOST AMAZING pompom trees will have you in awe.  Again, handmade so each tree is unique to you.  Pick your colour or theme and we will create a beautiful tree just for you.  Add lights and bring the tree to life.

Just like our pompoms, our tassels are all handmade so our company ethos of being unique is carried through each of our lines and the products we supply.

There are literally no boundaries with tassels; so whatever the theme, hobby or passion we can create a tassel for you.

  • Love cooking? How about a chef’s hat or saucepans? 
  • Love running? How about a pair of trainers and a water bottle? 
  • Are you a dog walker? Then bones and paws are just the job for you!
  • Love music? Then our clefs and notes will leave you singing with praise!

Add these to our Art Bubble balloons and you have the most amazing present which you will be so delighted to give (actually you may just want to keep it for yourself!)