giant balloons

Absolutely the MUST have balloon !

"WOW", "Stunning", "Fantastic", "Awesome", "Goodness me".... just a few of the words we have heard with out Giant balloons.

balloons range from mini 5" all the way up to 8' !  However nearly all of our lovely customers have the gorgeous 3' balloons  These are the ones you will see in the trendiest magazines and photo-shoots, and yes they are as lovely as they appear in the picures....actually even better in real-life.  

If you desire & crave that "WOW" then these are the balloons for you.

They come in a whole range of colours, patterns and styles. .

ofcourse they would need to be finished off with our handmade tassels, tails or beautiful satin ribbon 

Remember our balloons not only give the WOW factor but also bring the fun.