Bouquets & Bunches

Sometimes all that is needed are simple, classic latex balloons.  Also, as much we all would like to spend oodles & oodles on parties, this isn’t always possible.  So a quick and easy way is by adding standard Bouquets or Bunches of balloons.

Basic balloons can always be snazzed up to give WOW impact.  How on earth can you snazz up latex balloons ?….easy

  • add gorgeous shimmery Shimmer
  • add a simple bow
  • add lots & lots of curling ribbon
  • be a little funky & fun with colours
  • use classic clear balloon
  • add confetti

We are always experimenting with colours, patterns, styles & shapes.

What’s the difference between a Bouquet and a Bunch ?  a bouquet of balloons are when there is equal distance between each balloon. 

A bunch of balloons is literally just that: a bunch.  We grab balloons in tie them to a balloon weight in no particular format.  I think these look far more modern and trendier (if that’s a word lol).