Long gone are days of sticking a few air-filled balloons to the wall with some sticky tape…or even rubbing them on your jumper to make them stick!!

Balloons are now the 'must-have’ to complete any event. The development in balloons surpasses most people’s expectations and the ideas, concepts and creations, which can be fulfilled with balloons will honestly impress even people who don’t like balloons.

We sell all ranges of balloons so please don’t think we only sell ‘trendy-must-have-the-latest-designs’.  That just wouldn’t make good business sense.  So if you need just a 'basic balloon’ to take to a party or to give to a little one then we can supply almost anything.  From one simple latex, to a foil with amusing lettering, all the way up to a giant 3’ with bespoke balloon tails.

However, we never stop thinking 'how can we make this different' or 'how can we stand out from the crowd' or even 'what if we tried this' and so on.  Some of our ideas don’t always work but that’s the beauty of trial and error; if at first we don’t succeed then we certainly keep experimenting until we do succeed! There is nothing worse than having to walk away from an idea - our thinking is 'surely it must work?…it has to work?'

Our biggest seller of balloons is the Art Bubble. This is made from plastic, so fear not all those of you with a rubber/latex allergy – you actually are the lucky ones, as you now get the trendiest balloon of all!

Our Art Bubbles are so beautiful. When our customers walk into our beautiful shop they admire them.