About us

We’re a Boutique Balloon outlet.

We have pink glitter carpet, our walls and floors are packed tight with balloons, pompoms, tassels, sweeties and lots more...

We always smile, laugh, chat and love a good gossip!

We help carry your balloons to the car. We give you our mobile phone number so you can call us anytime. Why do we do this, to make us unique and independent? Yes of course, but more important than that we believe in excellent customer service - you are very important to us and we like to think it shows.

I’m Caroline and I head up the company. I’ve worked in the events industry in one way or another for almost 20 years. Then I came up with the idea of opening a balloon shop! Little did I realise how much fun it would be. My mind is always on the go and I’m always following the trends, flipping through media outlets looking for inspiration and I work very hard. By nature I am creative, which is supported by the imagination of the Blueberry team.

So who else makes up the Blueberry team and helps me to create the wonderful company we are?

Well, there’s Sarah and what a lady she is, the only person I know who works harder than me! Amazing with customers, fantastic with flowers and can wrap a hamper and tie a bow like nobody else can (we do sometimes lose her under the meters and meters of cellophane at Christmas times though!)

Then there’s Annie. How do I describe Annie?...Marilyn Monroe meets Barbara Woodhouse! Beautiful but practical. Annie heads up the pompoms, tassels and tails. She is an absolute whizz with her trusty sewing machine and can untangle a knot at break-neck speed! Works late into the night and sleeps all morning!

Then we have Carole. Carole is so versatile and can do anything she puts her hand to, apart from blowing up a balloon! She's very creative and does the most amazing displays for the shop, works wonders with ribbons and bows and full of fabulous ideas.

The lady of the team is Catherine, she is always on hand when there aren't enough hours in the day and ready to step in when we need her.

Last buy not least is Cheryl:  we love Cheryl ! window dresser/designer and so her talents and ideas are invaluable to us.  Beautiful and classy, thank you for being part of our team x

And last but not least, Tony.  When the pressure is on Tony delivers, makes the tea, fetches and carries, is always smiling and lighthearted. Armed with jokes and quips like "it could be worse, it could be me" stories to keep us all going!

So that's the Blueberry team - please come in and see us, and allow us to use our creativity for your special event, whatever that might be.

Caroline Fitzpatrick x